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Smart-ID-Badge-Technopro-Haiti-Presence-Control-SolutionsUse case: Encourage worship attendance at ECPAP - Christ Church of Port-au-Prince (

.ECPAP used to collect presence data manually before the Smart ID badge was engineered. Data collected could not help much and its management was almost impossible. Moreover, the Church needed a system that could not only help them know one another easily but also facilitate the secretariat when it comes to do background check of a member.

ECPAP discussed the challenge with TECHNOPRO who later on proposed a demonstration of the solution. When tested, it was clear for them their needs would be met. After 3 months approximately of hard engineering works the company finished the design and implementation of the solution. Now, the digital readers collect the data and synchronize them realtime allowing reports to be generated instantly. One of the main achievements of that solution is scalability. It grows without almost no burdain on the satff: It provides accurate data for reporting purposes and help members know one another at least by the name which is seen clearly at the time of worship

It must be remembered that the old system discriminated somehow those who could not write their names on the piece of bristol. Now the SID Badge is read by the scanners and the users have nothing to do but ensuring that the machine can read it.The solution was engineered to scan 1500 SIDs in 1h 15 min. It is avised to arrive on time at ECPAP or you may be in trouble with Yahweh, Elohim.

Graphical Report Example of the Smart ID Badge:
Technopro Haiti SmartID Badge Digital Example Graph

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