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50 Quotes / 50 Pawòl
Osirus Rodrigue

There may be different ways to achieve a goal in life but not all of them are right.

Rodrigue Osirus shares the best and worst moments of his life in 50 powerful quotes in order to help future generations find the courage they need to live their dreams the right way.

He believes there are 2 ways (though different in importance) to find immortality:
1) Accept to do what Jesus told Nicodemus.
2) Write a book useful to all future generations.

The latter is why he wrote this book.

Rodrigue Osirus - 50 Quotes / 50 Pawol O.R.
50 Quotes 50 Pawol Osirus Rodrigue 1
The author shares 50 quotes based on personal experiences which cover topics such as life, love, education and meditation. Its main goal is to help people overcome anxiety and stay healthy mentally. This ebook is provided in PDF format for easy reading.

Product number: TPEBOR212121
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Condition: new

eBook / PDF
Main Benefits of this eBook

  • Get it now once you checkout, start reading it.
  • Helps overcome stress due to anxiety
  • Quotes that cover national and international experiences
  • Useful for young people and adults
  • Both languages (English and Haitian Creole) complement each other
  • PDF format for quick and easy mobile reading anywhere, no software installation


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