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RemMe, a Whatsapp Reminder to help you remember your events
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According to the company Statista(An authority in Data Analysis), Whatsapp has half a billion active users DAILY.
We, at Technopro, care a lot about bringing values to our customers. If Whatsapp could have built such a huge base of loyal customers it is because they do bring a substantial amount of values. That is why we have partnered with them through our messaging gateway.

In that quest for a way to stay aligned with the behaviour of all whatsapp users, we have created the new product called RemMe (Stands for Remind Me). The idea behind it is simple: Help people remember important appointments such as a Job Interview for example (be it professional or personal). RemMe has a long way to go but for a first version (V 1.0) it does remind you at least 1 day before the target date.

Another aspect of the solution is the customer, we understand that every customer is looking for ways to spend well every penny. That is why RemMe does not allow people to buy a RemMe plan unless they really see its value. We have created 3 plans. 1 Free so that you can try the solution and you pay for the others once you confirm RemMe keeps its promise.

Without further ado, Technopro invites you to watch the following video and try RemMe once you have understood how it works. We do encourage you to leave your comments so that you can help us improve your experience as we move towards future versions.

Try RemMe Now

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